Once Upon A Time - Landmark Center Gala

Friday, November 7, 2014


Once Upon A Time—Landmark Center Gala
Friday, November 7, 2014
5:30 to 10:00pm
$125 per person
Black tie optional.  Period costume encouraged.

Let us Thank our 2013 Gala Sponsors:

Once Upon A Time: Stunning Architecture
Saint Paul’s castle is 112 years old, and Minnesota Landmarks is poised again to celebrate Landmark Center’s timeless presence in the heart of our capital city with a grand celebration on Friday, November 7, 2014.

Since That Time: Inspiring Art
Minnesota Landmarks preserves, manages, and programs Landmark Center as a dynamic, historic, art and cultural center
that is accessible and welcoming to all. 

At This Time: Remembering History
Our second annual gala will be an evening of festive merriment as guests are taken back to the Nineteen-teens and
the beginning of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age when:

  • 1913 Henry Ford develops the modern assembly line.
  • Charlie Chaplin débuts his trademark mustached, baggy-pants Little Tramp character in Kid Auto Races at Venice in 1914.
  • World War I broke out and a truce was declared on November 11, 1918.
  • Prohibition began in the United States in 1919.
  • The first modern zipper, the first pop-up toaster, the first crossword puzzle, the army tank, and stainless steel were invented.
  • The first Jazz music is recorded.
  • D.H. Lawrence publishes Sons and Lovers and Willa Cather publishes My Ántonia
  • Artists Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse became influential.
  • The major sport was baseball and the most famous player was Babe Ruth.
  • 1920 - Women are given the right to vote.
  • 1922 - Construction begins on Yankee Stadium in New York City, often dubbed the House that Ruth built.

Questions regarding sponsorship or attending as a guest, please contact Georgia at 651-292-3295 or gamdahl@landmarkcenter.org.
Funds raised will support Landmark Center as an historic landmark and its variety of accessible arts and cultural programs.

For All TimeIconic Presence  

Comments from guests at the 2013 Inaugural Gala:

  • Best of all the event was different from anything else that is being presented in Saint Paul that I have attended.  I think you have a winning formula – of a meal and program in four acts.  
  • Congratulations!  The inaugural gala last night was nothing short of magnificent! Everything about the evening was first rate and high-end.  The decorations in the building were beautiful, the size of the crowd was just right, the food and service were terrific, the program was fun, and the entertainment was spectacular. 
  • I still can't believe how relaxed and easy the whole event felt, especially the socializing at and around our own dining table. The vegetarian meal was delicious.  I also really enjoyed the performances. 
  • Friday was an awesome wonderful evening.  Great job!   Thanks for all your hard work! Can't wait for Gala II
  • Loved the entertainment!  How fun to hear songs from the era about Saint Paul and Minnesota. 
  • The aerial act was a wonderful finale.   No one else has the setting for something like that.